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Within the pitched roofing industry, clay and concrete tiles form the vast majority of roof coverings in the UK. In general terms, roof tiling can be grouped into two main categories – plain tiles and interlocking tiles. Throughout our 95 years of trading, Emerton Roofing has developed a vast and proven track record laying both new and reclaimed tiles across Cheshire and beyond.

Commonly, the material comprising a building’s roof is a reflection of its age and geographical location – unless it’s been completely recovered at some point in the past. The most common tiles are made from concrete and are available in a number of shapes and sizes and because of their relatively low cost, are found on more modern dwellings. A clay tile is a natural and now premium choice which has roots which far pre-date its concrete alternative.

Despite the wide range of method and material within the tiling market, Emerton Roofing has developed diverse skills and expertise to meet your tiling requirements. Particularly specialising in the relaying of handmade tiles, we are passionate about supplementing tiles using the best background components available, such as premium underlays, British Standard battens and copper nails.

We invite you to view a collection of our previous tiling projects below.

Do you have a project that you would like our expert guidance on? To arrange a consultation with one of our experienced contract managers please contact us to arrange an initial site visit. This will allow us to assess, advise and subsequently provide a quotation for what we believe to be the best course of action. This may include taking advantage of ideal opportunity to restore/upgrade surrounding details such as insulation, fascia boards and gutters, all of which our multi-skilled tradesmen carry out on a regular basis.

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