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Due to its effectiveness and versatility, lead has been a key player in British roofing history. Found on the majority of roof coverings in some form, lead is a soft and malleable material which can be carefully bossed or welded into a range of shapes. As a highly flexible and durable metal with a natural resistance to corrosion and water, lead is a wonderful roof product with a huge lifespan.

Lead is perhaps most commonly seen on a roof as ‘flashings’ around chimney stacks (for example), as well as frequent use in valleys, on dormer cheeks and in trough gutters. On a larger scale, thicker lead can be found as the roof covering on older and more bespoke buildings, particularly the likes of churches and town halls.

Due to the tremendously variable and wide ranging uses of the metal, it is important to recognise the craft of installing lead is a trade of its own. It is pivotal for the installer to understand the characteristics of the metal, to allow correct installation in terms of lead thickness, relative to piece size. All of this to allow the metal to successfully contract and expand with the seasons, without undue stress upon it.

Often, the key to outstanding leadwork renewal relies upon successfully combining it with other related trades, such as scaffolding, joinery and pitched roofing. Uniquely, employing all of these relevant skilled operatives, Emerton Roofing are perfectly placed to combine these arts and offer complete and quality leadwork projects, regardless of the size of task in hand.

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